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Proffice – A Nordic Group

Proffice Danmark is a part of the Proffice Group. Proffice Group is one of the Nordic region’s largest specialists within staffing, recruitment and outplacement. Through our passionate commitment and high degree of attentiveness we help people and businesses to find solutions to develop.

The core of our work philosophy is to create opportunities for people and businesses to develop and grow. Our success and our effective staffing solutions are based on the fact that we are a driving force in developing the staffing industry. We are passionate and attentive company that works with a modern approach. By constantly listening to our customers, and being open to testing new ideas and approaches, we have been able to be the first to offer the best products. This in turn has given us a unique position in the Nordic region.

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Proffice in Denmark since 1999

In Denmark the business unit Proffice Denmark have existed since 1999 and are specialiced in the areas of finance, IT, sales & marketing, engineering & life science as well as customer Support & Service.